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Aligning First-Hand Knowledge

With in-depth expertise.

At CI Financial Planning, we are interested in you more than we are your assets. We want to work side by side with people who share our vision of investing based on your values. So we are committed to continually working toward understanding  your family's values and desires. Not only will you be deciding if our services are right for you, we'll also get a sense of whether your needs are a match for our company. We don't want to take money from clients that would not benefit from our unique services.  And should you decide that our services are not a good match, we also have partnerships with other financial professionals and services, and will gladly refer you to where you will find the most value. 

We take a holistic approach to financial planning. Therefore our plans are dynamic and continuous, not meant to be a one-time project. We have engineered our process into six parts, to help your family at any stage in life. Whether you are just beginning and primarily focused on cash management, or already evaluating what will be left after you are gone, our process can guide you. Like any journey, each step is dependent upon the last. That is why our six programs all build upon one another instead of worked independently, and has a minimum commitment of one year. By structuring our process in this manner, we are able to focus on being thorough and can continue to spend the time creating quality work.

As a fee-only and fiduciary firm, providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to be successful is what we do best. Without commission incentives and conflicts of interests in the picture, we’re able to deliver recommendations that solely serve your best interests and values. There’s a lot of technical jargon in this industry, and we want to make sure the solutions we create are easy-to-understand so you can apply our insights throughout your day-to-day life.

Instilling Genuine Awareness 
(Cash Flow Planning)
$50 per month- 1 Program
Minimum 1 year commitment
Before we can affect any sort of change, we need to bring full awareness to your spending behaviors and attitudes. We will guide you through the process without judgment, we simply want to ensure your success by including every relevant personal factor that affects your finances.  Once we have an accurate assessment, we will be able to create a cash flow plan that creates positive net worth.

Weakening Risk 
(Risk Planning)
$100 per month -2 Programs
Minimum 1 year commitment
Upon getting an accurate view of your current financial state, we can then move onto assessing your current level of risk and risk tolerance.  We want to ensure that we are accurately planning within your comfort level and that unforeseen life events are prevented from throwing your goals completely off track.
Gathering and 
Growing Resources 
(Savings and Investing Planning)
$250 per month- 3 Programs
Minimum 1 year commitment
After understanding your current financial state and risk preferences, we can start planning for your goals. We are committed to finding the best strategy for saving and growing your money while making sure your values are considered. To ensure maximum efficiency, we give our clients the freedom to apply our advice within any brokerage firm or investment company they prefer. Should our clients wish for us to take care of everything in-house, we are happy to integrate that service for an additional fee of one percent of assets under management.
Conserving Resources 
(Tax Planning)
$300 per month- 4 Programs
Minimum 1 year commitment
Once we have created a strategy for creating wealth, we can concentrate in trying to efficiently keep your resources by reducing your income's exposure to taxation. Our thorough process not only reviews previous tax returns and creates a future strategy to to minimize taxes, but we will also complete and submit your current year or amended taxes to ensure you are getting the optimal result. 
Cultivating Success 
(Retirement Planning)
$400 per month- 5 Programs
Minimum 1 year commitment
After we have created a solid plan for achieving your goals during your working years, we can move on to planning for your retirement.  We know that not everything always works to plan, so we will create multiple scenarios that consider both the inclusion and the exclusion of factors such as social security, pension, and other promised benefits. Not only do we determine what your approximate needs will be and how to achieve them, we will also create a plan to optimize withdrawal strategies to ensure you get the most out of your hard earned savings. 
Preserving Legacy 
(Estate Planning)
$500 per month- 6 Programs
Minimum 1 year commitment
With all of the other planning in tow, we can then focus on the legacy that you want to leave behind. As we are not lawyers, we partner with outside sources to ensure that your wishes are put in place in a legal and proper way. This comprehensive planning is the most thorough examination of every financial factor affecting your life journey and ensures we have you covered from top to bottom.  

Let us help you navigate the maze.

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